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Amit Shimoni

“A Israel native and professional illustrator who was raised in Tel Aviv city, Shimoni brings sense of adventure and boundless creativity in his namesake art series HIPSTORY, world's greatest leaders of modern history re-imagined as nowadays hipsters.

Shimoni’s love of culture and art exploration took him from his final academy project in visual communication, with just one HIPSTORY character illustrated, to his 34 modern leader series HIPSTORY. His journey began in 2014 and throughout this period Shimoni has received over 300 media coverage worldwide including leading popular magazines and TV Shows like The Guardian, Stern, Wired, Vice, Forbes, Entertainment weekly and Comedy Central. Shimoni also worked with top brands around the world like the New York Times, the New York Observer and lately with the leading Norwegian political party.

Today Shimoni is the operator of his design studio Amit Shimoni Illustration, which collaborates with big and influential company's across the world.

Following the famed HIPSTORY series, Shimoni continuously spreads his vision of making art affordable for everybody. this is also why HIPSTORY will remain an ongoing project creating more publicly known characters and bringing them into everyday households.

Shimoni's Studio in Tel Aviv city.  Photograph by Eden Nagar




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